Photographers Using Video

Photographers Using Video

INDECISIVE MOMENT: Photographers Using Video is an hour long curated screening of video art that has been shown at various locations, listed below.

Artists in the sixties and seventies began to exploit the medium of photography and its innate ability to tell the truth in order to explore identity, performativity, institutional critique, and to comment on the role of media in the age of information. Photography as a means of aesthetic self-expression and capturing of decisive moments gave way to a more conceptual approach. Likewise, in the past few years many artists, who normally work within the medium of photography, are now turning to video. This screening seeks to initiate a conversation; why does it seem to have become exceedingly difficult for artists to undertake an innovative photographic practice unless making work that is in line with a more traditional photography or directly referencing past photographic masters? Why do many photographers see so much potential in video?

Artists included are
Teresa Christiansen, Yi-Ting Chung, Candice Hoeflinger, Allison Kaufman, Thomas Ling, Meggie Miao, Barbara Bulletti Newman, Kanako Okazaki, Stefan Petranek, Jake Selvidio, Hyla Skopitz, Susannah Slocum and Adam Ward.

Screened as part of the Copenhagen Photo Festival 2010

Exhibition: Empire State of Mind

May 13 – 20, 2010, Copenhagen

Screening at Hendershot Gallery 8/20/09

Screening at Bridget, Brooklyn 10/8/09


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