Windows and Mirrors


Indecisive Moment is pleased to announce Windows and Mirrors, a group exhibition displayed in the windows of 25CPW on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. Comprised of one video piece and photograph from each participating artist, the exhibition seeks to illuminate the symbiotic relationship that these media have for the many artists who choose to work with both. The title of the exhibition is a play on John Szarkowski’s legendary 1978 exhibition, Mirrors and Windows, which culled over 200 photographic works that reflected two strategies of picture making, a romantic expression of the subjectivity of the artist as projected onto objects in the world and a more realist exploration and interrogation of facts.

INDECISIVE MOMENT was founded by artists Hyla Skopitz and Teresa Christiansen with the intention of bringing video art to the public eye and initiating a conversation about why many contemporary photographers see so much potential in video and where to locate this work within the context and history of film, photography, performance, and the conceptual art of the sixties and seventies.

25CPW is an artist run alternative space housed in a vacated storefront located at 25 Central Park West in New York City. Its members seek to create a common platform for artists, curators, writers, educators, and the general public to engage with contemporary art. 25CPW hosts a diverse calendar of events, featuring exhibitions, poetry readings, performances, workshops and lectures.

Windows And Mirrors artists are Holly Bynoe, Lisa Candage, Ariel Federow, Tatiana Hamilton, Jeremiah Jones, Rebecca (Marks) Leopold, Alex Nathanson, Kanako Okazaki, Stefan Petranek, Jenea Sanchez, David Smith, Sayaka Taninokuchi, Niknaz Tavakolian, Alyssa Wendt, and Quito Zeigler.

photo ©Thomas Ling

Installation shots of the exhibition

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photography ©Teresa Christiansen


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